Przemek Wesołowski

My name is Przemek Wesołowski “SHAMROCK”.

I have been coaching athletes and regular people for ten years and involved in sports and fitness for my entire life. I believe that knowledge, hard work and dedication are required to achieve your goals.  I have coached top fighters to football ahtletes, helped people overcome serious weight issues, supported my clients through rehabilitation after injury and helped hundreds of people achieve their body goals, whether they are for aesthetics, performance or general health.

When you hire me as your coach, I am 100% dedicated to helping you get where you need to be.  My online programmes are made to suit your life, they are completely personal and never two are the same.

From my years of studying health and fitness and how the human body functions I have achieved a degree, attended seminars and learned from world class coaches, this led me into coaching classes and individuals, conducting my own seminars, organising sports training camps and finally opening my own kickboxing and strength and conditioning gym and working in one of the top gyms in asia, thailand. 

By listening, watching and following my training methods you will be able to truly achieve your goals, no matter which level.