Piotr Pająk

My name is Piotr Pająk.

I run a YouTube channel called “Podróże Wojownika” (Warrior’s Travels). My lifelong dream has been to travel the world and practice new martial arts. And that’s exactly what I’m doing!

Because dreams are not meant to be just dreams; they are meant to be fulfilled! I started traveling many years ago and have already visited 102 countries, and this is just the beginning!

Currently, I am traveling in Central Asia. I’ve been training various martial arts for over 11 years and have over 100 fights in BJJ, 25 fights in other disciplines such as MMA, K1, Muay Thai, and boxing In my life, I have several priorities, and one of the most important is fulfilling my dreams.

Every day, I work hard on myself and my project. “Podróże Wojownika” is simply my life. I could never sit in one place, and for the past few years, I’ve been exploring the world and training in martial arts.

Currently, I am affiliated with the CLOUD MMA federation! Follow my adventures on the “Podróże Wojownika” channel!